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In association with Techiman Learning Resource Centre and the Ayi Owen International School, Ghana, For One World, a US-based nonprofit organization, is seeking to award two travel grants to teach at the Ayi Owen International School in Techiman, Ghana, West Africa over the 2017 Summer. This is an excellent opportunity to gain international experience teaching in English at an innovative school in a developing country.
Travel grant winners will be provided with a shared apartment on the school compound with access to running water and broadband internet via Wifi. The American founder and his Ghanaian wife have developed the school over the past fifteen years to emphasize Western teaching techniques (interactive instruction, hands-on projects, and interdisciplinary lessons) to prepare students to excel on the traditional Ghanaian standardized tests. Travel grant winners will have many opportunities to meet Chiefs and high-ranking members of local governments as well as explore the local culture, music, religions, health centers and markets.

While the involvement with the school is the first priority, grant winners are welcome to pursue additional projects with a broader impact, as well as make short trips to visit many of the exciting destinations throughout Ghana.

Eligible candidates must be attending an accredited college/university as a full-time student or be a recent graduate.  All degree levels will be considered. International experience is not required but an open mind and a willingness to experience new cultures is a must!

Our Projects

Here are some projects we undertook to help the children in their
educational curriculum. This was done in collaboration with Ayi Own School.


English Writing

English writing/composition program needs a revised curriculum that includes persuasive essays, research-based essays 

and laboratory writing, in addition to its current story and creative writing format.  Attention to basic reading skills is still needed, including coaching and tutoring students who lack confidence regarding their comprehension when reading English.  Library management, reading clubs and other methods for linking reading with media such as cinema, photography, music, dance, and prayer.

research-based essays and laboratory writing, in addition to its current story and creative writing format.  Attention to basic reading skills is still needed, including coaching and tutoring students who lack confidence regarding their comprehension when reading English.  Library management, reading clubs and other methods for linking reading with media such as cinema, photography, music, dance, and prayer.

PROjects 112

Early Childhood Development

Early childhood development education specialist is needed to provide in-service training for teachers in the elementary school and preschool.

(Possible training topics include phonics, word processing skills with graphics, and working with tactile materials like painting, colors and music.)


Computer Curriculum

Computer curriculum needs integration with classroom learning. Online materials and CDs for math, English, and other subjects are

currently being used but not yet integrated effectively to the school curriculum.  Fresh ideas on how to integrate computers and smart phones into primary school learning are needed.   Training for Microsoft Office applications is needed for students and teachers (Excel, PowerPoint, Word, etc.) as well as improved instruction in keyboarding.


Maths Programs

Math program could be improved by giving more attention to games, methods, and exercises.

 In addition, a math lab program needs to be designed and organized to supplement the current lecture format. This effort should focus on 3rd – 7th graders.



Expressive Arts

Expressive art is one of the things that we encourage at the school. More drawing,

painting and even dancing, singing and drama would be priority activities. Organize a drama program to introduce students to the performing arts as well as media and film. Students at the school are interested in acting and skit re-enactment but there is little formal direction in this respect.

Hands-on science projects to provide the children with first-hand experience on the beauty of finding facts and the art of experimentation


Counseling Seesions

Reinforce the counseling approach to pupils, in particular, by improving the teacher-student relationship.

Some ways this could be achieved are through extra-curricular clubs, such as football, aviation, scripture and drama clubs, that act as a platform for counseling and training in mental toughness, nutrition, sexual reproductive health and career guidance

History, Facts and things to Note

  • James as a College sophomore travels to Techiman Ghana, West Africa. Ayisatu Owen shows James the need for a school, especially girls. – Summer 1997
  • Ayisatu and Bill Owen draft and sign proposal for local and international effort to start a one classroom school. $5,679 in cash and various in kind donations are outlined for the team effort to be successful.  June 12th 1997
  • James starts and registers a student group calling themselves For One World and forms an advisory board of faculty – Fall 1997
  • For One World pledges the money needed to start the school based on campus fund raising progress – Spring 1998
  • Construction starts for the school on a small plot of land donated by Bill Owen – July 1998
  • First $3,000 raised on Trinity campus is wired to Ghana – August 11th 1998
  • Ayi Owen International school opens with 1 teachers and 4 students and grows to 30 students and 2 teachers by the end of the first year – Oct 1998
  •  For One World is incorporated – February 20th 1998
  • For One World chapter starts at Villanova and other schools engage –  Spring 1998
  • First news coverage: New London Day Dec 29th 1998, New York Times May 24th 1999
  • For One World starts annual travel program to Ayi Owen International School and the first 4 students travel to volunteer at the school. – May 1999
  • Ayi Owen International  crosses 100 students with 7 teachers – Sept 2000
  • For One World obtains federal income tax exemption described in section 501 (c) (3) Nov 1st 2002
  • Construction starts at second school site. Multi acre campus and first of 5 planned 15 classroom buildings is started. Fall 2005
  •  For One World formalizes a program to continue support of school orphans living on campus – Winter 2006
  • Ayi Owen International crosses 300 students and 18 teachers, at this point school has hit full capacity of first site. – Sept 2006
  • For One World passes the publicly supported IRS test, ending advance ruling period continuing as income tax exempt under section 501 (c) (3) – March 31st 2007
  • First corporate donation from Accenture for $1,000 – Aug 22nd 2007
  • Ayi Owen International splits classes between the two sites, new site is open but construction of first building not complete – Sept 2007
  • Techiman learning Resource Center is incorporated in Ghana making Ayi Owen International school a registered nonprofit – Summer 2007
  • Ailis Peterson,  a 3rd grade girl  became the youngest donor to For One World when she on her on accord addressed the school assembly and collected several boxes of donations. Her storied inspired the mother of Isabella Rishworth,  a preschool girl  to help her daughter do the same with great success. – Fall 2010/Winter 2011
  • Taylor Bowen becomes the first High school student volunteer at the Ayisatu Owen International School; in total 64 students from a variety of nationalities/backgrounds have volunteered at the Ayi Owen International School since the travel program started in 1999. The majority of these volunteers paid their own way and others were awarded travel grants for specific areas of need. – Winter 2011
  • Ayi Owen International School completes its vision of filling out grade levels from preschool up to high school. First graduating students take national high school exam and school ranks #5 out of about 200 schools.  Summer 2008
  • Loretta Cremmins becomes the youngest For One World board member as a Junior in college – Winter 2010
  • Ayi Owen International School reaches the #1 ranking out of about 230 schools on the national exam. Girlâ scores are especially higher than the other schools. – Summer 2010
  • For One World for the first time contracts a part time staff member who pledges 5% of her modest fees back to organization. July 2010
  • School passes 450 students and 38 teachers/staff  Sept 2010
  •  Rotary International grant for $17,500 completes toilet and clean well water at second site as well as supplies books for libraries at both sites. – Fall 2010

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