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Founded in 1997, For One World is a US-based nonprofit organization the seeks to provide equal opportunities for school children and educational institutions in developing countries in Africa. In order to achieve this, the Team of FOW awards two travel grants to qualified candidates to teach specific schools with education needs. A good example is the award to teach at the Ayi Owen International School in Techiman, Ghana, West Africa over the 2020 Summer. This is an excellent opportunity to gain international experience teaching in English at an innovative school in a developing country. Federal Nonprofit organization that promotes understanding and solutions of educational problems in less developed countries…

We strive to bring out the best in people

 With the help of donors and support from organizations and individuals, we have taken the sole responsibility to travel the length and breadth of every developing country in the world to empower the less privilege in every way possible 

What we do - Projects

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Travel Grant opportunities

Up to two travel grants are being offered for a 11-24 week duration to Candidate who must be attending an accredited college/university as a full-time student or be a graduate. All degree levels will be considered

Local Nonprofit Support

Computer curriculum integration with classroom learning. Educational CDs for math, English, and other subjects are currently being used but not yet integrated effectively to the school curriculum.

Fundamental Learning Material

Reinforce the counseling approach to pupils, in particular, by improving the teacher-student relationship. Some ways this could be achieved are through extra-curricular clubs, such as football etc.

Early Childhood Development

Our recent project captured that early childhood development education specialist is needed to provide in-service training for teachers in elementary school and preschool in "Oyi Owen School"

The Team for the Non profit organization did amazingly well during their 2022 visit Accra Ghana to most ezpecially in the area of teaching at Oyi Owenn Internnational School at Tachiman. Their efforts are worth our support.
Sampson Dzivor
A beneficiary of ForOneWorld Project

Our Blog

Importance of Education to Children - 23/12/2023

Education is the bedrock of a thriving society, yet far too often, the curriculum that forms its foundation crumbles under the weight of outdated approaches and misplaced priorities. A poor school curriculum is not just a collection of dull textbooks; it's a missed opportunity to ignite young minds, cultivate critical thinking, and prepare them for the ever-evolving world they'll inherit. This blog post avoids harmful stereotypes, promotes inclusivity, and emphasizes the importance of critical thinking and real-world application in education.

Must have resources for quality education - 16/10/2023

We've all been there, hunched over our desks, staring at mountains of textbooks and feeling...uninspired. But fear not, fellow knowledge seekers! The key to academic success isn't just about willpower (though a healthy dose does help). It's about crafting an environment that ignites your learning. Today, we'll delve into the secrets of creating a study haven that maximizes your focus, minimizes distractions, and sends your productivity soaring. Remember, creating an enabling environment for studies is a journey, not a destination. Experiment, adapt, and find what works best for you.

Harnessing the Power of Creative Arts in Education

The role of creative arts in education is multifaceted and crucial for the holistic development of students. Not only do they provide a platform for self-expression and emotional growth, but they also foster creativity, innovation, and critical thinking skills. In today's rapidly changing world, the importance of creative arts in education cannot be overstated


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Growing the community we want

A visit to a school for educational discussions

Extra-Curricular activities

A visit to traditional rulers of a community  in the Tachiman District during a School Tour in Ghana


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Federal Nonprofit organization that promotes understanding and solutions of educational problems in less developed countries.

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