School Wish List

School wish list:

          Help Requested: Please help us collect some items for the school that are not easily obtainable locally (or not obtainable with international quality). These items will be hand carried via members traveling on the self funded volunteer  trip on Feb 15th lead by James Mattison

          Locations to send items:

o        NYC

o        Boston

o        Philadelphia

          Important request:

o        Before sending items it is important that you contact because we are limited by the amount of items we can hand carry and the checked bag weight limits of British Airways.

          School Wish List:

o        Sports equipment:

§         Used Soccer balls

§         Used Tennis balls

§         Sets of soccer uniforms for a team

§         Soccer shoes (small elementary/middles school sizes)

o        Educational games and work books for elementary school children, etc

o        Drama/Dance club equipment:

§         Used masks (Not too scary)

§         Face paints

§         Used trumpet

o        Art class equipment:

§         Colored pens

§         Sparkling inc pens

§         Other bright colored craft items

§         Extra wide pencils (for KG kids)

o        School facility items

§         Two large pad locks with key

§         American Flag

§         Book binding tape

§         Laptop PCs (desktops are too heavy to bring)

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