Our Trip to the Monkey Sanctuary

During the last volunteer trip to Ghana, we were able to visit a monkey sanctuary with a few of the teachers from the school. To get there we had to drive on a few unpaved roads to a small village. After arriving, word spread quickly in the village and one of the park rangers came to greet us. We negotiated a price for our tour and we were on our way. The ranger led us through some trails in the woods and of course, we saw monkeys! There was a very cute mother and baby monkey that we were able to get about 10 feet close to.


We also got to see some strange vines that grow and take over trees, and in a way, then become trees themselves. One of these was hollow in the center so that we could crawl up inside it!

After seeing the monkeys, we bought some sodas and some jewelry. There is a gallery of pictures from the monkey sanctuary and also a video of the cute mother and baby.

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