ATTN: For One World Team
Please find below the most recent “Wish List” of items for the Ayi Owen School.  We have a short deadline for these items to be collected.
* Donations Must Arrive by May 21
* Where to send donations:

FBO Loretta Cremmins,  ATTN: Lizzy Edelstein
504 West 110th Street Apt 2A NY, NY 10025)

1.    Max to pick up at Janie Owens: Tennis balls.
2.    A Stopwatch
3.    Playing Cards (for math games) (Plastic coated or laminated)
4.    Candy-land game
5.    Balls: Basketball, Volleyball
6.    Laser pointers (for sample of teachers)
7.    Large diameter pencils for Kg pupils
8.    Art materials. eg pad of multi-color paper
9.    Colored pencils
10.    Finger paints
11.    Basic bic pens
12.    Pens with different color inks… different color exterior.
13.    Monster mask (not too scary) and or wigs are useful for the drama group
14.    Blue T-shirts for all 27 teachers. A FEW MEDIUM BUT MOST XL.
15.    Middle school math sets (sample)
16.    Book of math word problems
17.    Book of fun math -primary arithmetic
18.    Book of math tricks, games
19.    DVDs for children’s literature, readers such as:
Beauty and the Beast, Pinocchio, Sleeping Beauty, Lion King, Charlotte’s Web, Ali Baba and the forty Thieves, Some Pig, Titanic, Aladdin, Julius Caesar, Hamlet.  We also seek films about animals and wild life, nature and travel.
20.    Scotch 3M duct tape
21.    Side Walk chalk.
22.    Used trumpet

For the school orphan girls (age 9-12) living at the school:
1.    Small Mirrors
2.    Toothbrushes (soft)
3.    Used creams, perfumes
4.    Scrabble, Connect 4, Checkers
5.    Plastic Jewelry

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