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Do you want to help a child in Ghana have a better life?

Sunday, April 18th, 2010

I hope everyone is enjoying the warmer weather! 

As you know, For One World was founded over 10 years ago to help children in Ghana, West Africa get a basic education. Over the years we have grown steadily and continue to improve our model. We have impacted thousands of children’s lives through the help and support from all of you.

Do you want to help a child in Ghana have a better life?

Iona (volunteer from France) paid her own way to the school, donated her time to work with the community and identified kids who can’t afford education. We estimate the current cost is $263 per year based on current exchange rates and current cost of living. Over the next several years I don’t expect the costs to go above the $1 per day watermark. This amount covers school fees, uniforms, shoes, health insurance, and school materials.

We want to expand the number of people we are helping.  To do that we need longer term commitments on the money we collect, or we risk impacting a family’s future – These children are the future for the entire family! I would like to pair donors with kids in Ghana more directly than we have in the past. I am looking for donors who can make a long term commitment (ie the length of time the student remains in school) to help pay for that child’s education. The birthdays below can give you a sense of your time commitment. A few will have strong enough grades to actually make it to college… we will handle those students as special cases.

The following children can’t afford an education and their families need help:

1. Regina, birthday 2nd November 2006

2. Alima, birthday 8th March 2005

3. Hagar, birthday 15th August 1998

4. Mamata, birthday 8th October 1998

5. Faruk, birthday 11th October 1994

6. Adissa, birthday 21st January 1997

7. Ali, birthday 7th December 2000

8. Mary, birthday 3rd July 1998

If you (or your group/organization) are interested and you can afford to make a long term commitment of “$1 per day” to For One World please let me know. 

Thank you!


PS Of course we cannot afford an accounting system to track donations by child and we don’t have any paid employees to give frequent dedicated updates on each child to each donor… However if you sponsor a child and want an email update, picture or even would like us to put that child on the phone with you – let us know and we can try to accommodate.

Fundraiser at Overlook bar in NYC

Tuesday, April 13th, 2010

Please join us at Overlook in NYC to help raise funds and awareness for For One World. There will be a modest cover charge that includes a drink and half of the cost goes to For One World.

There will also be numerous raffles/silent auctions INCLUDING a 2 hour private cruise for four leaving NYC with drinks and snacks included, and Yankees tickets. Come and bring your friends!!

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