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2007 Board Trip Slide show

Wednesday, February 28th, 2007

Feb Meeting Minutes

Saturday, February 17th, 2007

Attendance: James, John, Alex


  • John’s presentation at Rotary next week – John creating presentation which he will use next week and beyond
  • Discussed getting copies of pictures from disposable cameras that were sent home with select students. – John to request.
  • Update on activities at the Ayi Owen school – Roof complete
  • Board member agreement (reminder to mail to me if you have not done so already). Alex drafted suggested changes to the agreement document.
  • Nominations of new board members? Alex shared some ideas but preferred to wait until more info on the organization would be available. Letter to donators – James needs to draft text for letters
  • By laws and articles of incorporation – Alex to review. John to request from State as needed.
  • Newsletter progress – James to draft this weekend
  • Brain storming sub committees
  • Professional travel program – Lizzy to lead? First volunteer is Chris?
  • Student scholarship travel program – Need to get message out to Colleges
  • Student scholarship program (Ayi students) – John to look into wire transfer options.
  • Newsletter – Need someone to lead long term – perhaps a teacher at the school in Techiman to help.
  • Book drive/library – Can collect many books and need to explore options to form a library w Bill.

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